Latest Full Release: v0.99.3b (October 23, 2020)
Newer versions are always available from the #playlist-editor-pro channel of my Discord server.

  • Windows 7/8/10 (with .NET 4.7 runtimes)
  • 1280×1024 Resolution or Higher
  • Beat Saber on Quest (no functionality for PC Beat Saber)
  • BMBF 1.5 or higher is required
  • Enhanced features for SideQuest Users
  • Support for Quest 2
  • Known issue with some functions if the path to the PlaylistEditorPro.exe has spaces anywhere. I’ll fix it, but for now, don’t have spaces in your path anywhere.

Download EXE only for existing users; just replace your existing EXE – no full download and set up required.

What’s New v0.96b -> v0.99.3b

View the release notes and documentation for full details.

  • Support for “fast switching” versions of Beat Saber (modded <-> unmodded) to allow both custom songs and multiplayer support (modded doesn’t support multiplayer, and unmodded doesn’t allow custom songs)
  • Full overhaul of the user interface to be more streamlined and house additional features.
  • If you have SideQuest installed, you can make use of many new “BMBF TOOLS” features. (Currently you must have Sidequest installed for ALL USERS for this to work).
  • Backups can be named – slight overhaul of the Backup System. Leave blank for generic datetime stamp.
  • ScoreSaber integration (see selected map on ScoreSaber)
  • Ascending sorting by Title, Artist and Mapper.
  • Song Author added to Song Details
  • “Favorites” support. All songs that are marked as Favorite in-game with the Bookmarks playlist can be moved en masse to the Unsorted pile for resorting.
  • Multiple songs can be uploaded manually by the upload button.
  • Button to backup all custom covers (copies to COVERS folder in your Playlist Editor folder)
  • Song Lists are now data grids and include three columns of sortable data. There may still be a glitch or two in here – please report any issues.
  • Beat Saber version is now displayed properly.
  • Config Pushing is now done asynchronously, but may still be subject to timeouts. Please report your scenarios where this occurs.
  • Tons of minor fixes and enhancements.