Bookmark Syncing

Custom songs are probably the main reason people want to use BMBF. Custom songs and their playlists are stored on your Quest and as such are subject to catastrophe such as a factory reset or an issue with a new version of BMBF (which has happened before).

Custom songs are usually obtained from the Beast Saber repository. You can protect your custom songs by using the bookmarking feature on that site. Combined with your account user name, you can harness these bookmarks to “resync” them to your Quest via BMBF.

While this will not protect your playlist sorting (using my Playlist Editor Pro tool for that) – this will also allow you to use BeatSync/SyncSaber on the PC version of Beat Saber as well if you happen to have both versions of the game. If you’re wondering why someone with a Quest and the native version of Beat Saber would want the PC version, check out this article.

If you have hundreds of custom songs, this can take awhile – but you only have to do it once, and the effort will certainly pay off in the future as you bookmark new songs that are being released.


BMBF’s browser cannot log into Beast Saber so you cannot use it to manage bookmarks. Use the Oculus Browser or any other web-capable device like a PC, phone or tablet to tag songs with bookmarks.

Setting Up Beast Saber Bookmarks

Go to Beast Saber and create an account there (make note of your username — you’ll need it later). It’s free. Once you have an account and are logged in, go here. This link always shows you the newest uploaded custom song maps to the repository.

Find songs that you like and bookmark them. Just click the little bookmark icon as seen below.

Love you, MajorPickle. Keep me in my ’80s music!

Note On Usernames:

BSaber’s website will let you use some strange symbols for your user name like the @ character – that username will break when syncing from BMBF. If you find SyncSaber not working at all, log into and go to PLAYLISTS->BOOKMARKS. The username you need for SyncSaber will be at the end of the link in your browser.

For example:

The username to use in SyncSaber is: darkuni

Go ahead and lose yourself in the world of custom songs. Bookmark as many as you like — then come back here.

Setting Up SyncSaber in BMBF

Make sure BMBF is running on your Quest. If you are not sure how to do that, follow this guide: Running BMBF

On your Quest (or on your PC within the same network as your Quest using http://<your quest’s IP>:50000) verify that BMBF’s web site is open.

Go to the SyncSaber tab. Enter the username you used to sign up for Beast Saber’s website.

Based on the number of songs you bookmarked, make sure the MAX SONG value is set high enough. Flip the switch. Note: there is an INFINITY value if you hit the left arrow enough times for MAX SONGS.

Setting up your bookmark sync in BMBF

Now, hit Queue Downloads. Watch the status icons on the bottom status bar— they will show you the progress of your downloads.

Make sure when you’re done, you hit SYNC TO BEAT SABER. Your songs will be injected into Beat Saber.

You must hit this button every time you make a change via BMBF

You can now run Beat Saber and your songs should be there and look similar to this (your playlists may vary):

Your playlists will likely vary …
Re-Syncing Bookmarks

This process is not done automatically like it was in the PC version.

Each time you bookmark new songs on Beast Saber – you’ll need to manually re-sync. Repeat the above process (your username will stick, as will your settings) each time you want to bring down newly bookmarked songs.