Do I need to Upgrade?

Every Beat Saber and subsequent BMBF update, people ask a similar question.

Do I need to upgrade? What am I missing out by not upgrading? What happens if I don’t upgrade?

Let’s answer the most common questions.

Do you need to upgrade?

The short answer is: no. You are never required to upgrade. You must decide for yourself if the new features, functionality and content are worth your time to upgrade.

What will I miss by not upgrading Beat Saber?

Obviously, if the new version of Beat Saber has new songs, features, bug fixes or functionality changes – you cannot get those by staying on an older version of Beat Saber.

Aside from the 360/90 degree map upgrade, most of Beat Saber‘s updates have centered around adding new songs and maps for existing songs. For many of us, we get into the BMBF business because we want songs not included by the official product – and as such, getting more songs we don’t care about is not compelling to upgrade.

What will I miss by not upgrading BMBF?

BMBF versions are typically tied to a particular version of Beat Saber. If you’re not updating Beat Saber, you usually cannot upgrade BMBF either.

By staying in an older version of BMBF, you will miss out on any features or fixes added to BMBF since the last release. As a rule of thumb, BMBF’s functionality overall rarely changes. You typically do not get new features or functionality – outside of the ability to patch and use the latest Beat Saber.

However, modifications (or MODs) are usually tied to versions of Beat Saber/BMBF. If a new MOD comes out, it is likely not going to be supported by older versions of Beat Saber/BMBF. You will not get to take part in those. Aside from asset change outs like sabers there aren’t a ton of MODs that alter functionality like the PC version has.

If you want the latest MODs, you’ll miss them by not upgrading.

BMBF as a whole has a lot of inefficiencies and a couple of glaring issues. If those exist in your current version of BMBF, then you aren’t going to get them fixed without the upgrade. However, many of these issues have been around several versions already and an upgrade doesn’t guarantee a fix.

Always review this site for known issues of new versions of BMBF; this can influence your decision as to upgrade or not.

How do I stop Beat Saber from auto updating?

A modified version of Beat Saber should not automatically update. If you’re already running a BMBF modified version of Beat Saber – don’t worry about it. It will not auto update.

In fact, you cannot (and should not) even update it manually (or automatically) or try to uninstall it. Trying to do so could cause irreversible problems that could require a factory reset to recover from. You should always review the Installing BMBF guide found on this site before doing anything; trying to update, uninstalling, etc. Be safe and always use our Uninstalling Beat Saber guide to uninstall a modified Beat Saber.

If you’re reading this in anticipation of a new Beat Saber getting ready to drop and you want to make sure you have the option to stay on a current, unmodified version, your best bet is to backup the current version of Beat Saber APK using SideQuest. Tuck it away somewhere safe.

You can also disable all software automatic updates by using the Oculus app on your phone.

  1. Open the Oculus App on your phone.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on your Quest (should be the first option on the screen)
  4. It will open with more options. Select More Settings.
  5. Click Advanced Settings.
  6. Turn off Update Software Automatically.

Note: This affects all apps; not just Beat Saber.

I upgraded Beat Saber before a working BMBF was released! What can I do?

Unfortunately, your options on thin. I recommend bookmarking Installing BMBF on this site and always consult it before doing anything regarding Beat Saber or BMBF.

Depending on your situation, you may have some recourse.

You were running a modified Beat Saber and BMBF before you uninstalled and installed the update.

Each time you patch Beat Saber with BMBF, a backup of the current version of Beat Saber was made. You can retrieve this backup APK, uninstall the new, unsupported Beat Saber and install the older one (make sure automatic updates are turned off first – see above).

I won’t cover this directly, but that backup is stored under sdcard/BMBFData/Backups.

Obviously, if you had to do a factory reset as penance for you trying to uninstall Beat Saber manually, then these files are gone.

You were running unmodified Beat Saber and the update was installed either by you or automatically.

Oddly, this does happen. A brand new Oculus Quest owner finds out about BMBF a day or two before an update to Beat Saber drops, and suddenly he is stuck with a version of Beat Saber that is not patchable until a new version of BMBF comes out.

Good news is that typically, we get a new BMBF withing days of a new Beat Saber coming out. There is always a chance this could take longer (or may never come at all – obviously this hasn’t happened yet) and during that time, you cannot get custom songs.

You really have no recourse. You don’t have a backup of the older version APK and you will have trouble finding anyone in the community (including me) willing to give it to you as that would be akin to piracy.

You will need to wait. I beg you not to go looking on the internet or finding a pirated copy to install. God only knows what is running around out there and any sort of oddly modified Beat Saber could cause trouble in so many ways. Just wait it out. Please do not ask on r/OculusQuest or any other sub for the older APK as you will likely get moderated or berated.