Running BMBF

BMBF is a two part tool – one part is patching code; the second part is injecting custom songs, mods and assets as well as manipulating those custom assets.


BMBF never has to be “running” in order to play Beat Saber or custom songs. It is a tool to run when you need to make changes.

Chances are likely that it is rarely running unless you just did something specifically with it.

When you are ready to work with your custom songs/mods, you’ll need to run BMBF to start the web service.

You don’t even need to put on your Quest to work with BMBF if you use SideQuest to launch.

Launching BMBF from The Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 makes it a bit more difficult to use BMBF remotely as it can be “put to sleep” quite easily. If you’re going to use something off-device for BMBF (like Playlist Editor Pro), I recommend you run BMBF this way, leave it running as the main task – then take off the headset and use your app or browser on another device.

  1. From the Oculus Home screen, click the Apps (9 Pips) button to open apps.
  1. Choose the dropdown in the upper right, choose Unknown Sources.
  1. Select BMBF from the list (you may have to scroll).
Launching BMBF from SideQuest
  1. Plug your Quest into your PC and open SideQuest.
  2. Once you’re connected, open your installed apps.
  1. Find BMBF (or use the Search Package option and search for love)
  1. Click the gear icon to the right.
  2. From the pop up, select Launch App.
  1. Click Close on the App Settings window.
  2. Now, open the browser on your PC using the link: http://<your questip>:50000
  3. You will now see BMBF in your browser and you’re ready to go.


You can find your IP address at the top of SideQuest. In my screenshots, my IP address is so my link would be

Launching BMBF from The Quest

These instructions are for v14 of the Oculus Quest operating system. Once v15 is fully out to the public, these instructions will be updated.

  1. Put your Quest on.
  2. Select Navigate, then Library.
  1. From the list of the left, choose Unknown Sources. Then select BMBF from the list on the right.
  1. BMBF will launch in your Quest.

You can continue to use BMBF in your Quest, but it is a lot easier to use a PC on your network to access BMBF after you have done this. It is far easier to manipulate playlists and do other tasks with a PC browser.