Current Version: 0.2.2 (Compatible with BMBF 1.13.x / BS 1.13.x)
What Is It?

Scoresaber is a MOD you add to your BMBF installation on your Quest that gives you access to a world-wide scoreboard – letting you chase scores on your favorite custom songs.

High scores being shown for custom songs …

Obviously you will need Beat Saber installed and modded via the latest BMBF v1.8.1 (see our guide Installing BMBF)

You will need a qualifying account to link ScoreSaber to your Beat Saber. This is either a Steam account (preferred) or an Oculus account (which you definitely have already).

Please Use Steam!

While you can use an Oculus account to access ScoreSaber, if you decide to buy the Steam version of Beat Saber later, your scores will not be linkable to that version.

We Strongly Recommend Using Steam

If at all possible, link your Steam account. This will allow you to track scores across all versions, Quest, Rift and Steam platforms.

You cannot change this later!

If song up/down voting ever comes to Quest, it will probably require Steam anyway.

You do not need a PC to get a Steam account. It is free and offers 2FA for those concerned about access. It takes less than 5 minutes to do. Click here to create a Steam account.

Once you’ve created a Steam account, return here.

Getting the Mod

The mod isn’t a simple download. If you’re getting the mod file from someone, downloading it from a web site other than this one – you risk either sharing an account with someone else – or worse, getting something sketchy installed on your Quest.

Simply Go To and follow instructions.

Don’t Be In A Hurry!

We’re all used to randomly clicking through screens.

Read all information on ALL screens during this process.

The website has FULL instructions with screenshots. Do not follow random videos you find online to perform this install. Follow the instructions provided.

Once installed and activated it will show up on your MODS tab inside of BMBF.

Remember, every Beat Saber update can potentially break MODs. Follow our Installing BMBF guide for updates to Beat Saber / BMBF and what functionality may be impacted by the latest versions of these applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The ScoreSaber scoreboard inside of Beat Saber says I need to update to a newer version. How do I do that?

A. Follow the same process at as when you created your original download. Use the same authentication method (aka Steam) and you will get a new ZIP file.

Upload the ZIP via BMBF’s upload screen and it will install the new version.

Q. I just got a great score, but ScoreSaber’s leader board shows a different, lower score? I scored a million points, but only got credit for 900,000!

A. You are probably playing with modifiers that artificially boosted your score.

Look at this screenshot where I scored over one million points on Its Raining Men by The Weather Girls.

I obtained the score you see on the left, but Score Saber only credited be for the lower score on the right.

The score recorded is a “base” score; the score you achieved without positive-to-score modifiers.

Since I had on FASTER SONG which gave me a bonus of .08%, I lost that .08% when my score was submitted. Moral of the story? You don’t get bonuses for being a hero – just play stock if you want to compete.

Note: Negative-to score modifiers seen on the right? They DO count against your score as it is being posted to ScoreSaber.

Q. Why does the FRIENDS tab show people’s scores that are not my friends?

A. Currently, this tab is for “country” scores. Developer is working on a proper friends implementation for the future.

Q. My old scores aren’t showing up in Quest! I know I’ve placed on this map!

A. It is possible that your ScoreSaber account is inactive. If you haven’t posted a score in over 6 months, you may find yourself deactivated. If you were using your Steam account to authenticate before, find your Steam ID and feed it to ScoreSaber:<id>

Here is what my account looks like – and it was rendered inactive.

Your account may have gone INACTIVE

The Fix:

The developer has acknowledged this bug. The approved solution:

Play a new map you have not ranked on – finish it; let your score register via ScoreSaber. Once your score is registered, your account will be reactivated. You can also beat an existing score to fix this.

You can also play the PC version of Beat Saber (modded, with latest ScoreSaber) and that will reactivate your account.