Set Your Playlists Free …

Nobody loves the built-in playlist editor in BMBF for Beat Saber on Oculus Quest.  Now you can manage your playlists quickly and easily with a full-featured, robust application on your PC!

Here are just a few things you can do with Playlist Editor Pro:

  • Backup your songs in zip (archive) or folder (for use with Beat Saber PC) – maintaining playlist folders if you like. (new in .99.8b)
  • Export your favorite playlists to BPLIST and share with your friends (new in .99.6b)
  • Swap versions of Beat Saber on your Quest – Play Modded w/Custom Songs or Unmodded with Multiplayer (New in .99.3b)
  • Create / Delete / Edit Playlist Definitions (including adding custom covers)
  • Add / Remove and transfer songs between playlists
  • Preview song metadata (cover, title, mapper, etc)
  • Create BACKUPS of your playlist configuration
  • Restore backups after BMBF/Beat Saber updates
  • Easily “de-bookmark” a song on Beast Saber out of your bookmarks if you no longer want it
  • “Preview” a song using Rabbit’s awesome web player
  • Quickly access the song on Beast Saber to add ratings, reviews, etc.
  • … and more!