Support the tool that supports you!

Most developers work extremely long hours at work – then come home and code tirelessly on hobby projects like those that feed the awesome Beat Saber community. While you get great free software, they are getting endless emails, DMs and feature requests – and unfortunately the occassional troll. They don’t do it for money – they do it out of love.

Some accept donations via channels like Patreon and PayPal; others absorb the costs of building software because they want to support the fans.

While I’m happy to donate my time – going out of pocket for expensive hardware (the Quest wasn’t cheap) in pursuit of supporting the platform is an expense I’m willing to ask the community to help out with.  I will only collection donations until such time as the Quest is paid for – then I’ll pull down all donation links. Thanks for supporting!

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I do this to support the community; I love mappers and their tireless efforts.  I’m trying to do my part.

Hardware and software cost money. 

All donations are used to pay for hardware and software used to build this tool. Right now, I have a $400 Quest headset to pay off and that is where your donations will go.

I have no intention of asking for donations unless I need them to pay for hardware or software.

Right now, this is all that is set up. If you want to donate another way, please reach out to me directly.