Latest Full Release: v0.99.6b (November 5, 2020)
Newer versions are always available from the #playlist-editor-pro channel of my Discord server.

  • Windows 7/8/10 (with .NET 4.7 runtimes)
  • 1280×1024 Resolution or Higher
  • Beat Saber on Quest (no functionality for PC Beat Saber)
  • BMBF 1.5 or higher is required
  • Enhanced features for SideQuest Users
  • Support for Quest 2

Download EXE only for existing users; just replace your existing EXE – no full download and set up required.

What’s New v0.96b -> v0.99.6b

View the release notes and documentation for full details.

  • Preliminary support for BPLIST exporting! Take your favorite playlist, export it and share it with your friends!
  • Support for “fast switching” versions of Beat Saber (modded <-> unmodded) to allow both custom songs and multiplayer support (modded doesn’t support multiplayer, and unmodded doesn’t allow custom songs)
  • Full overhaul of the user interface to be more streamlined and house additional features.
  • If you have SideQuest installed, you can make use of many new “BMBF TOOLS” features. (Currently you must have Sidequest installed for ALL USERS for this to work).
  • Backups can be named – slight overhaul of the Backup System. Leave blank for generic datetime stamp.
  • ScoreSaber integration (see selected map on ScoreSaber)
  • Ascending sorting by Title, Artist and Mapper.
  • Song Author added to Song Details
  • “Favorites” support. All songs that are marked as Favorite in-game with the Bookmarks playlist can be moved en masse to the Unsorted pile for resorting.
  • Multiple songs can be uploaded manually by the upload button.
  • Button to backup all custom covers (copies to COVERS folder in your Playlist Editor folder)
  • Song Lists are now data grids and include three columns of sortable data. There may still be a glitch or two in here – please report any issues.
  • Beat Saber version is now displayed properly.
  • Config Pushing is now done asynchronously, but may still be subject to timeouts. Please report your scenarios where this occurs.
  • Tons of minor fixes and enhancements.