If you’ve used Playlist Editor (PeP) to Fast Switch the Multiplayer Version of Beat Saber with the modded custom songs version, you’re going to need to do a little work if you want to upgrade to BTS Music Pack Edition.

Easy Way

The easiest, fastest way is to just download another copy of PeP – extract it to a new, different location from your last copy – and start fresh (after you upgrade Beat Saber/BMBF to the newer versions of course). Your old PeP folder has all your backup data, so it is safe. Skip down to Restoring Your Score Data to learn more.

Fix In Place Way

The other way is to “repair in place” your existing copy of PeP.Note: If you want to save your scores/data from your previous fast switching sessions, rename the folders in your PeP folder:

  • modded renamed to modded_bak (or anything other than modded)
  • unmodded to unmodded_bak (or anything other than unmodded)

In your Playlist Editor Pro folder, rename:

  • mod.apk to mod_.apk (or anything other than mod.apk)
  • unmod.apk to unmod_.apk (or anything other than unmod.apk)

These are the “last” version of Beat Saber modded and unmodded. Right now, the previous version would be the Muliplayer Edition. Your Quest is likely now on the BTS Music Pack Edition.Make sure PeP is closed. Open the PlayListEditorPro.exe.Config file (located in your PeP folder) into a pure text editor (like Notepad) and delete this line:

  • <add key=”Toggle” value=”Modded” />

It doesn’t matter if it says MODDED or UNMODDED – just delete the entire line.Save the config file. Make sure your Quest is connected via ADB (plugged in, wireless ADB whatever) and run PeP. You will be prompted to restart the Fast Switching process again – and new copies of your APKs will be fetched from your Quest.Make sure you switch from modded to unmodded and then back again at least once (creates all the backup data folders).

Restoring Your Score Data

If you chose to “repair in place”:

  • Copy all the *.dat files from your modded_bak/files to modded/files (overwriting)
  • Copy all the *.dat files from your unmodded_bak/files to unmodded/files (overwriting)

If you chose a “fresh” copy of PeP:

  • Copy all the *.dat files from your old PeP folder’s modded_bak/files folder to your new PeP’s folder modded/files (overwriting)
  • Copy all the *.dat files from your old PeP folder’s unmodded_bak/files folder to your new PeP’s folder unmodded/files (overwriting)

Come to the Discord #playlist-editor-pro if you need more help.

It is possible you have multiple ADB devices attached to your computer at the same time; like multiple Quests – a Quest and some Android emulator like Bluestacks, etc. Playlist Editor Pro isn’t aware of which device to use and it will likely crash.

Playlist Editor v.99.7b has an ADB Device Override field that allows you to target a specific device. At the time of writing, this build is in beta and available on our Discord. By the time you read this, it might be a public release.

Yes. Playlist Editor Pro will assume you are already modded when doing the startup check for Fast Switching capability. You must also have a working Sidequest installed and Playlist Editor Pro must show that it was found during startup (Check the output logs).

By 2020 standards, Playlist Editor Pro’s screen resolution requirements are small; 1280×1024. Most desktops and modern laptops will run in this resolution or higher.

Watch this video to show you a couple of ways to fix this issue.

No, I’m afraid not. I do not have the means to create a Mac port. In the future, when .NET 5 comes out and I port the code, it is possible I could target a Mac port – but since I don’t have the means to test it, it would be difficult to ensure a quality product that way.

The barebones basics, yes. But many things rely on ADB being present and available. I highly recommend you have Playlist Editor Pro in conjunction with Sidequest.

PeP assumes you installed Sidequest as “Just For Me” and not “For Everyone”. I plan to make it work for both in a future version. If you don’t want to wait, simply reinstall Sidequest “Just for Me” and PeP should work fine.